Turntable Bundles

Not everyone knows or cares about all the intricacies of turntable and stereo setups, they just want to know what they need to get their vinyl spinning at the right speed and playing through quality speakers. If you fall into that category or know someone else who does, some of these setups below will take you as far as you need to go to get the best complete turntable setup without having to guess if you need any more components.


The Best Turntable Bundle with the best speakers AND the best turntable

Audio-Technica ATLP120 + Audioengine A5+ Turntable Bundle

This set is made up of some of our absolute favorite components, and you can buy it as a discounted bundle RIGHT HERE!

Individually, this setup is made of the following:


Audio-Technica AT-LP120 + Klipsch R-15PM turntable BUndle

If you are as convinced as I am that the Klipsch R-15PM powered monitor speakers are the best stereo speakers for your home, and you want to pair it with the best turntable for the everyday consumer out there, then look no further than this bundle with the Audio-Technica AT-LP120. It's got everything you need except vinyl to spin, which you can buy right here.


Other Good turntable bundles

Klipsch R-15PM + Project Primary Turntable Bundle

By far and away the best and most versatile speakers for your home are these Klipsch R15PM powered monitor speakers that are bluetooth compatible, have a built-in preamp, and can be hooked up directly to even a TV if you want. You can hook them up to any turntable and are paired here with the Pro-Ject Primary turntable for a complete turntable bundle setup. HI-FI sound, a great turntable, simple setup without a receiver or any external components. Just add vinyl!


Audio-Technica AT-LP120 & Mackie CR3 turntable bundle

This might be the cheapest overall turntable on the market. Essentially, the way it's priced, you're almost buying the turntable and getting the speakers free -- not bad!  It's got my absolute favorite turntable on the market and a pair of great powered speakers with it. 

AT-LP120 Turntable - $299
Mackie CR3 powered speakers - $99
Bundle Price -- Typically $299


Audio-technica AT-LP60 & Audioengine A2+ turntable bundle

If you're looking for a cheap entry-level turntable bundle that will reliably play your records through actually great speakers from AudioEngine, I highly recommend this bundle. Two respected brands for turntables and speakers that won't let you down.