Top 10 vinyl albums of 2017

Collectively people tend to look at top 10 lists with a certain amount of disdain, but we like keeping them as a reflection of where we were at, what we were doing, and what we were listening to along the way. See the list of what we think was the best vinyl of 2017. 


Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

Father John Misty is absolutely at the top of his game and at the top of this list. His album came out early in the year and still remains steadily in rotation on the turntable. If you haven't heard this album or any of his other masterworks, you're missing out on at artist at the top of his game getting better with each record he releases. 


War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

If I could have had two number 1 vinyl records in 2017, this would have also been at the top. It provides a good balance against the number 1 record above and again features an artist who is stretching and flexing into new territory in his artistry. The War on Drugs rock like no other band right now, and the songwriting and layers to the music keep us coming back again and again.


Kendrick Lamar - Damn.

Kendrick Lamar is unquestionably one of the best artists of our time. The depth and levels of his individual songs and entire albums feel like a gift every time I hear them. In a year of amazing music across the board, Kendrick released one of the most invigorating albums and offered one of the most memorable performances at Coachella early in the year.


The National - SLeep Well Beast

2017 was somewhat interesting for music in that a lot of our favorite albums this year were by artists which were very much on our list 10 years ago in 2007. The National's Sleep Well Beast is one of those. After so many great albums, the National once again find themselves on many music lovers year end lists. 


Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins

Another top 10 list veteran band is Grizzly Bear with an easy favorite for 2017. This one takes a little longer to get into than some of the others on this list, but the album continues to unfold the more you hear it and it's one that is certainly worth of any complete record collection.



This SZA LP was such a great discovery this year -- if you haven't heard it before, remedy that immediately. 


Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up

Indie top 10 list veterans Fleet Foxes were destined for a comeback this year and Crack Up absolutely delivered.


Moses Sumney - Aromantisism

Every top 10 list should hope to have an album as artful and beautiful as Moses Sumney - Aromantisism. 


LCD SOundsystem - American Dream

LCD Soundsystem couldn't stay retired with albums this good still in the canon.


Four Tet - New ENergy

This is peak anytime music and it is required listening for 2017.


Lorde - Melodrama

This one is a cheater, a footnote to the top 10 vinyl albums of 2017, because it's one of the best albums of the year but so far hasn't had a vinyl release. It's just a matter of time though before it will get it's pressing and will fit nicely among the records above.