The Best Turntable

There's nothing better than listening to your favorite record on vinyl--except maybe listening to your favorite vinyl record on a killer stereo.


Whether your budget is $150 or $150,000, you should be able to easily find a stereo that helps you listen to music the way you want to hear it. This site can help you find where to buy the music you love on vinyl, what equipment you'll need, and specifically the best turntable to make listening to vinyl a lifelong journey.


Top 10 Best Turntables

Below is our list of the top 10 best turntables you can find from every category and links to pages on this site that will show you more options if you don't like our top pick. Find the one you think is closest to what you want, then check out our full pages to make sure there aren't any others you like just a little bit more.

The Best Turntable

Quite simply, the best turntable for your money is this Audio Technica AT-LP120 pictured here. It's not the nicest or most expensive turntable that exists, but it has everything you need (seriously), it's made incredibly well with high-quality components, it will last for many years of use, it's upgradeable and updatable if your vinyl hobby turns into a full-fledged passion, and it won't break your bank to get you started. Most importantly, it will make your favorite albums sound better than you've ever heard them. 

Best Audiophile Turntables

Our list of the best audiophile turntables is a staggering lineup of the highest quality turntables available on the market. Although some of these options cost more than a perfectly functional first car, it's helpful just to know what is out there on the high end record player spectrum.

Check out this Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB and the rest of the worlds best audiophile turntables on our audiophile turntables page.

The Best All-in-one Turntables

All-in-one turntable setups are a great way to get started listening to music on vinyl. With a low-cost entry point and surprisingly fulfilling sound, check out all the options on this page if you're not ready to buy a fully independent system right out of the gate.

If you like this one (the very best all-in-one turntable) pictured here, you can read the reviews or just go for it and buy it here!


Our full page list on the best all-in-one turntables and record players with built-in speakers is right over here. 

Best Turntable Bundles

If you want a complete turntable setup but don't want to fuss with all the individual pieces and don't want a cheap all-in-one setup, check out our list of the best turntable bundles. This set pictured is made up of our absolute favorite components, and you can buy it -- AS A BUNDLE -- for $629!

Individually, this setup is made of the following:

Check out the individual reviews!

The Best Turntable Under $100

If your budget is tight, you can't afford to mess around and get a turntable that's going to need to be replaced in 3 months, you need to make sure you get the most affordable high-quality turntable you can get for your money.

Our page on the best turntables for under $100 (over here!) should serve you well in picking out an option that is right for you.


If you just want to read the reviews about our top choice in this category you can check those out here or just buy it here if you know this is the one.

Sonos Record Player Setup

This might very well blow your mind, but setting up a turntable with your Sonos system is incredibly simple and adds a ton of versatility to your passion for vinyl. This page will show you all the components you need to play your vinyl through your Sonos as well as the best turntable to use with it.

Check out our page on how to set up a turntable with Sonos right over here. 

The Best Turntables Under $300

When you get up into the $300 category for turntables, you're really in the sweet spot of value for your dollars versus quality of turntable and components. If you never owned a more expensive turntable, you'd still spend a lifetime enjoying your vinyl on one of these options.

Want to read some reviews about our pick for the best turntable under $300 you can do so here, or just go for it and buy our top choice HERE!


If you want to see more of our picks in the best turntable under $300 category, check out our page over here.

Best Turntables under $200

This page reads like a top 10 list of the best turntables under $200 with an entire second section of the top 10 list of some of the best all-in-one turntables as well. 

This is one of the most commonly sought after price points for turntables and we've done our best to capture all the options you should consider.

The Best Vintage Turntables

It makes sense that with the long and rich history of vinyl records in our culture that there is a somewhat unending desire to replicate some of the early record players. This page on our site will show you some of the best vintage turntables and retro record players that look like some of the models your parents and grandparents used. 

Check out our top choice right here!

Bluetooth Turntables

At this page you can find a list of turntables best suited for streaming music with bluetooth technology built directly into the unit. There are some important considerations when buying a bluetooth turntable explicitly for the bluetooth function, but these turntables have great features and would make a great addition to your stereo. 

Check out our top three over HERE

Or just GO FOR IT and buy our best bluetooth turntable by clicking HERE