Sonos record player setup

Setting up a Sonos record player from scratch couldn't be easier!

You'll need the following: 

To get started creating your own Sonos record player setup in your home you will need all the obvious components that would be required for any typical record player in your home plus the addition of one key component--The Sonos CONNECT:AMP

With the Sonos CONNECT:AMP you can connect any turntable and broadcast the audio to your existing Sonos system you have in place in your home. 

You can even plug your own speakers into the Sonos CONNECT:AMP so you can play your vinyl records to the speakers you already have as well as your Sonos speakers elsewhere in the home--the best of both worlds!

How to Setup your turntable with Sonos

Whatever your reasoning for wanting to connect your turntable to a Sonos system might be, there are many advantages to taking the plunge. First of all, it's an incredibly simple and clean way to set up a stereo with the maximum amount of versatility. You can use the CONNECT:AMP like any other amplifier (typically a big space-killing receiver for most people's setups) because it is an amplifier by itself and allows you to plug your standard speakers into it just like any other stereo receiver/amplifier. So that's good news--you don't have to start from scratch if you already have a decent setup. The benefit here is that the Sonos CONNECT:AMP is incredibly simple in design and function--it looks good, it doesn't take up a lot of space, it doesn't require a million cords or wires, just plug it in, and connect it to your turntable and to your hard-wired speakers (if you want) and it's ready to go. 

The Audio Technica AT-LP120 is one of the best record players you can buy to keep your Sonos record player system as simple as possible in your home because it has a built in phono preamp, which saves you from having to buy further components in the system.

In my home I have two Sonos PLAY:5 speakers paired together to play audio in stereo directly from the Sonos app on my phone and from my CONNECT:AMP when I want to listen to vinyl on my record player in all the rooms of my house.

Important considerations

Something I would definitely consider when setting up your Sonos record player in your home is that if your turntable has a built-in preamp like the Audio Technica AT-LP120 above, you can plug it directly into your Sonos CONNECT:AMP and broadcast your vinyl records to your Sonos speakers without any unnecessary wires. If you have a turntable that doesn't have a preamp built in, it will still work, you'll just have to buy a quality preamp (Do I need a preamp?) or use the one you have and try to stash it out of the way.